EXIN Agile Business Professional

The EXIN Agile Business Professional certification covers the knowledge and skills needed for applying the Agile principles and mindset across the business. EXIN Agile Business Professional certified staff members promote Agile ways of thinking and working across all areas of the organization, including production, operation and supporting processes.

Who is this certification for?

The EXIN Agile Business Professional certification is tailored to professionals working in an Agile enterprise or an organization undergoing an Agile transition, as well as professionals wishing to update their expertise to reflect the market trend towards business agility.

Main subjects

The Agile Mindset
Facilitating Agile Culture
Optimizing Business Value
Expanding and Sustaining Agile in an Organization

Required reading

Gil Broza
Agile for Non-Software Teams: A Practical Guide for Your Journey
3P Vantage Media (December 23, 2019)

Christina Wodtke
Introduction to OKRs
O’Reilly Media, Inc. (June, 2016)
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