EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner

EXIN Agile Scrum Product Owner tests a candidate’s skills and knowledge of Agile principles and Scrum practices specifically with the role of Product Owner in mind. This certification focuses on adopting Agile or Scrum in the workplace and taking on the role of Product Owner.

Who is this certification for?

Agile Scrum Product Owner focuses on bringing value to the customer and value for the business, through Agile project management techniques. This certification is especially suitable for professionals working in the areas of project management, software development, IT service management and business management.

Main subjects

Agile Way of Thinking
Product Owner role
Managing the Product Backlog
Complex Projects
Adding Value

Required reading

For all languages except German (2021 version):
The EXIN Handbook for Scrum Masters & Product Owners
Free download here

For the German exam (2021 version):
Das EXIN Handbuch für Scrum Masters und Product Owners
Free download here

For the Japanese exam (2021 version):
スクラムマスターとプロダクトオーナーのための EXIN ハンドブック(日本語)

For all languages previous version a free download is:
Exam Literature E: Other Agile Methodologies