EXIN Privacy and Data Protection Essentials

EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Essentials has been created specifically to test candidates on their basic understanding of data protection in the context of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including the definitions, the requirements to process data and the rights of data subjects. The exam also covers how to organize data protection and the practice of data protection.

Who is this certification for?

Everyone who wants or needs to have a basic understanding of data protection and European legal requirements as defined in the GDPR. The Essentials exam is exceptionally suitable for everyone who needs to make informed decisions regarding the privacy and the protection of personal data.

Main subjects

Privacy and data protection fundamentals & regulation
Organizing data protection
Practice of data protection

Required reading

L. Besemer
Whitepaper: EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Foundation
Free download on http://bit.ly/PDPF_literature