EXIN Service Integration Manager

1 World Training as a authorized training and examination organization of EXIN courses is offering EXIN Service Integration Manager Career Path Certification is designed to equip professionals with the required tools to manage their multi-vendor delivery of services. Managing multiple external software vendors internally is now the norm for many organizations. Issues can arise along the way such as differing vendor, customer, and internal requirements. Becoming a Certified Service Integration Manager will give you the recognition, skills, and knowledge to successfully implement SIAM™ or VeriSM™ to manage effective and seamless integration of services end-to-end, resulting in a single business-facing IT organization.

You will be able to

Professionals will be able to use and apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the career path and put them into practice when taking up the role of Service Integration Manager. The combination of SIAM™, VeriSM™, and Cloud Computing will provide service management professionals with the theoretical knowledge and application of key topics surrounding service integration and how to drive a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) based approach in their organization.

Who is this certification for?

This certification is ideal for professionals looking to become a Service Integration Manager, Service Architect, Service Delivery Manager, or other service-facing roles. This career path certification is ideal for professionals looking to drive an integrated approach to service management within their organization. They can simultaneously develop highly in-demand skills in the ever-growing field of Service Management. The certifications can be taken one by one, meaning that you can work towards becoming an EXIN Service Integration Manager over a period of time that suits you. Furthermore, professionals who already have one of the required certifications only have to attain the other certifications in the career path to receive the EXIN Service Integration Manager certification.

Main subjects

To become an EXIN Service Integration Manager, you need to successfully pass the exams for the following modules:
EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation
EXIN SIAM™ Foundation or VeriSM™ Foundation
EXIN SIAM™ Professional

Required reading

Please see the individual module pages for more detail about the required reading.

Find out more about the Service Integration Manager Career Path

For more detailed information about the Service Integration Manager career path including the recommended order to take the different modules, please take a look at the Service Integration Manager Career Path page.