TMap® Suite Test Master

EXIN TMap® Suite Test Master focuses on how to recognize patterns in a range of test areas. After successfully passing the exam a candidate is able to oversee and determine the scope of testing (from various perspectives), integrate the building blocks, recognize both opportunities and risks, and resolve issues. This certification is based on a combination of 3 sources that make up the TMap Suite. These sources consist of the building blocks found on and the books TMap NEXT for result-driven testing and Neil’s quest for quality, a TMap HD story.

Who is this certification for?

TMap® Suite Test Master has been created for professionals who are involved with test management on a daily basis. This includes test managers, test coordinators, and test consultants/advisors. It is recommended that candidates have knowledge of the contents covered by the certification EXIN TMap® Suite Test Engineer.

Main subjects

Managing the overall test activities
Test varieties
Supporting processes