VeriSM™ Professional (E-learning will be available soon)

The VeriSM™ Professional certification tests a candidate’s knowledge of, and skills in, applying VeriSM™ in an organization. Those certified as VeriSM™ Professional understand the impact of digital transformation on the organization and on people, consumers as well as staff. They are able to translate strategic direction into a successful operating environment. The certified VeriSM™ Professional has proven his or her ability to create and use a Management Mesh that is based on the organization’s portfolio, principles, and governance needs. After creating or adapting the Management Mesh based on new requirements, a VeriSM™ Professional is able to manage the product or service through the Define, Produce, Provide and Respond stages.

Who is this certification for?

The VeriSM™ Professional certificate is relevant for professionals operating in organizations that have the ambition to digitalize or further digitalize the development and delivery of their products and/or services.

Main subjects

A digital world
Digital leadership and structure
Governance and strategy
Applying VeriSM™

Required reading

VeriSM™: Unwrapped and Applied (Part A)
Claire Agutter, Suzanne D. Van Hove, Johann Botha
Van Haren Publishing: October 2018
Although this book may be consulted during the exam, it is strongly recommended to be familiar with the content before taking the exam.